Ó Bhéal: Reading Poetry and Spoken Word

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Ó Bhéal: a place full of passion, build from poetry words, brick by brick full of imagination, wisdom and inclusion. Challenging, yet embracive; static (it always happens), yet dynamic, experimental and in motion (as in a poetry film, for example). Simple, yet complex. Full of hard work, determination. Full of love.   


After open mic trials reading out poem, míle buíochas do incredible Julie Field who was bean-an-tí on 17.07.17, to amazing Paul Casey for giving me the platform to share with a part of Mummy Harmony’s set ‘Safety.Sanctury.Set of Web’ and for his wonderfully encouraging words, to quote ‘Maria Wojdylo [and] her innovative multimedia poetry presentation’.

Míle buíochas do all on the open mic and the audience.


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