Cork City Library, City of Sanctuary and UCC. 1st set ‘Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web’ (2)

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A beautiful building filled with books
and many gorgeous arched nooks
filled with supportive and smiling faces
adding to a pile of written word traces
here, at Cork City Libraries, in the centre, always bright
and thanks to Maria Minguella there was always light
my gratitude to you for noticing not one connection
and thinking of space to offer further reflection
on the topic currently being explored generally and more specifically,
and many came to share their thoughts scientifically and artistically.
Lord Mayor, thank you for your interest and wishing to hear more
and for exploring how tea opens not only one memory door
bringing back bonding, harmony, peace, respect and tranquillity,
and La table belge LTD cups represented it and brought back humility.
My full gratitude to everyone who took part and shared their views
and for all being so explorative and finding in each other a muse.

  • The first set ‘Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web’ from the ‘Language of Life: Language of Humanity’ project continues to be exhibited and explored. Also, this event provides an opportunity to collect your views on what Safety and City of Sanctuary is.

  • Presentations on Cork City becoming a City of Sanctuary and launch of art exhibition ‘Language of Life: Language of Humanity. Safety. Sanctuary. Set of Web’

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