Cork St.Peter’s. 1st set ‘Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web.(1)

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Photo Exhibition. Performance. Installation. Experiments. Sounds. Tea Ritual. 

  • There are 6 randomly picked questions other people ask in relation to safety, like ‘Where is your safe place?’, one answer is ‘my bed’ or ‘my mind’. Come and give an answer to any question you wish and read what others contributed.

  • Flowery, colourful, smelling of past and future cups and blossoming flower tea…as part of the exhibition in St.Peter’s Cork in the Mezzanine Gallery until 28.01.18

  • Sit with me, take one of the two headphones and look at captured nature, take a break to relax and contemplate while listening to different music creations of 6 artists.
    Each day a distinctive artist, each day new inspiration. Will you join me in this experience?Bring your instrument to respond . . .

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