‘Moving Image Poetry Stream’. Poetry Surprise Day. Cork Library.

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Moving Image Poetry Stream

Poets, who live in Co. Cork, have been chosen and poems by each poet will be read out by Mummy Harmony, Maria Wojdylo Kelly who will also be performing her poem Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web.. Come and join this one hour poetry surprise either at 11.30 or 15.30 in  Cork City Libraries. Main themes occurring in the poems are nature, inner inspection, inner exploration, social analysis and health.

A stage will be set with a projection of images. Poems will be read out while movement interpretation will be added by Helena Palmer. Each performance of the poem Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web. starts with public chanting/repeating of 6 phrases, which are taken from a poem to be performed afterwards. Also, the performance will be accompanied with a sound of a singing bowl and chimes.

Stream will be formed by reading works of poets: Paul Casey, Rosaline Blue, Stan Notte, Niall Hearne, Cara Kursh, Ciran Mac Artain, Alexander Philip Spillane; a spoken word performance by Mummy Harmony: Maria Wojdylo Kelly, and movement interpretation by Helena Palmer.

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