The Gab Mixtape: Storytelling

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[Photo from The Gab]

  • A wonderful opportunity to tell a story ‘Which Wolf will you Choose?’ from the set ‘Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web’ from Language of Life:Language of Humanity. Having images displayed on a screen in the church, chanting positive words from a poem Set of Web and giving a spoken word performance of that poem.
  • Money gathered on the night were donated to Cope Foundation and Irish Dogs. A fantastic feeling to be able to contribute.

[Photos from The Gab Storytelling]

  • A story from the third set ‘Potential.Transformation.Be like Bees’ was told in a very atmospheric and cosy place, The Roundy.

[Photo from The Gab]

  • On another occasion, Mummy Harmony: Maria Wojdylo Kelly participated in a storytelling competition ‘Old Butter Roads Food Trail’. Many wonderful stories were told. Congratulations to the winners! Special gratitude to an amazing storyteller Pat Speight for encouraging and enthusiastic words.
  • A story from the third set ‘Logic.Exchange. Grassroots’ from ‘Language of Life: Language of Humanity’ was told.

My gratitude to a mother of The Gab, Mary Walsh, for the opportunities and for being open to Mummy Harmony’s hybrid project intersecting storytelling, images, spoken word, relaxation and chanting.

Thank you to the audience for being and listening.

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