The Work Shed.Circus Factory. Safety. Body Printmaking Performance

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[Photo: David Hegarty]

What an evening full of delight
each act bringing us to new sight
as each took the audience into the sky
for you to look into the mind’s eye.

Thank you Circus Factory for the space
and for allowing us to make our case
for being so incredibly accommodating and brave
enabling us to follow the sound of movement wave
to create an image with body printmaking
showing humans and trees branch-handshaking.

Congratulations to Patrycja Łaskawiec and her part
for joining Mummy Harmony‘s pulse and heart
for being so gracious and wonderful to collaborate
to being open to ideas and wishing them to perpetuate
to not only allowing to get your body covered in print
but through input and engagement creating unique tint.

Gratitude to all who made it and came regardless of the cold
a special place in our hearts, for YOU, we do and will hold.

The amazing memories have been masterfully stored
by David Hegarty, who had created a photographic cord.

  • Movement – Image – Light –
    – – – Body Printmaking Performance
    Interactive activities of the theme
    – Safety – creating an installation incorporating
    Circus Factory structural sculptures.

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