Zolala Klub: Mixedmedia, Photo Exhibition, Performance

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[Images from Zolala Klub]

On one occasion an exhibition of photographs from three sets from ‘Language of Life:Language of Humanity’ and on another a performance of a few parts from the first set ‘Safety.Sanctuary.Set of Web’ including storytelling, spoken word, chanting and public writing down answers to questions exploring the theme of safety.

[Poster from Zolala Klub]

Safety. Sanctuary. Set of Web.

[Poster from Zolala Klub]

Zolala Klub: magical events, each time offering a feast for all senses and  more. A combination of mouthwatering, fresh food, eyewatering (deliciously eye tickling) work, thought provoking talks and performances full of surprises.

I am very grateful to a magician, Kat A Lepsy, for opening door to Mummy Harmony to leave footprints behind.

Many smiles to the audience for being, listening and participating.

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